Monday, May 24, 2010

Crappy cell pics of OPI Lazy Daisy/Dazy Pink

Sooo ... I have all these pics of polishes at home waiting to be displayed here, but I am a TERRIBLE blogger, so I make no promises. I have been absent for a few reasons, the main one being sloth. I also have long periods of the blahhhhs, one of which I have been in for the last month and a half or so. :( Anyway, in late March, ALL of my nails broke off, and then I just stopped caring for them altogether. A couple of weeks ago, I decided enough was enough and stopped chewing on them and started painting with light colors to keep them from staining (my niece's wedding is coming up, and she requests us all to have a french mani or light/sheer color). I still haven't gotten back into my moisturizing and cuticle care routines, so I'm very much rough around the edges, but I figured if I was painting, I may as well snap some pictures and throw them up here.

Which brings me to my NOTD! I found OPI Lazy Daisy (or Dazy, I can't remember what's on the label, and the internet hasn't been much help) Pink at Ross a couple months ago for 3.99. It wasn't a color I would normally wear, but I thought, at the very least, my daughter would like it. Annnd, it was only 3.99!! I couldn't not. Turns out it's pretty rare these days, as it was part of a limited edition set in 2004 or 2005! Yay for rares!!!

Sooo, I snapped a couple pics on my terrible cell phone a few minutes ago, and here they are:

Picture 2 is the best. LDP is an opaque light pink with a pearl finish with a little frost. Frosts usually suck, but this isn't too bad. I think this would be a universally flattering color, and I kind of wish I was still ghostly pale to see what it looks like against super white skin. I have a bit of a driving tan (lol) on my hands and arms, and it looks REALLY nice against my sun kissed skin. I'm betting it would look equally nice with my pale winter skin, like pink on ice.

LDP has the tell tale black type on the bottom label, which means it is NOT b3f, but I didn't get any of the usual application benefits of chemically polish. It was pretty streaky (I did 2 coats, wished I had time to do 3), sloooow drying even with a quick dry top coat (I watched tv in bed for over an hour after painting/before falling asleep and still had sheet marks in the morning), has a few bubbles, and is still really dentable the next day. :( Oh well. Thems the breaks. I love the color.

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