Sunday, February 21, 2010

That was totally AWESOMEEEEE!!!!

Duuuuude ... USA ROCKS!!

Congratulations to the USA Olympic Hockey Team for beating the SNOT out of our friendly neighbors to the north.

In. Your. FACE!!!! WOOOOOO!!! (I have a beer hat on and my chest painted, red white an blue at this very moment, I'm a TRUE 'Mercan, LOL!)

Ok, not really. I don't own a beer hat, nor is my chest painted. I'm a lady, and there are children in this house, that would be inappropriate. I do think that this victory was "tremendously tremendous" (to quote the announcer guy, commentator, whatever he's called) though, considering that all the best damn players in the NHL are playing for Canada (not faulting them, lol, they are Canadian after all!).

Keep up the good work, guys!

Random NOTD: OPI At Your Quebec and Call

I had this saved as a draft from forever ago. I have since given this away to a close friend and transplant in the US from Canada. :) I figured if I took the pics, I may as well show them off, right?

I never did care for this color. I snagged it as a 75% off deal a couple years ago, and tried to like it. I wore it probably 5 times and could never convince myself that I liked it. It's got a much better home now. Can't give it much of a review, this notd is from February if I recall correctly. I'm pretty sure I remember it being thin/pretty sheer and needing 3 coats.

All of these pictures were taken under a white bulb (The package said daylight bulb, but it's super white and bright! I dunno ... it gives pretty good pictures). Hope you like.

Old NOTD: Sally Hansen Peach Daquiri

Yet another saved draft I remembered I had, WOOT!

I found SH Peach Daquiri in a twin pack thingy at Dollar Tree. When I started applying, I didn't realize that it was going to be totally sheer, so I'm kind of embarrassed of my super stained nails in these pics. I'll have to try this color again now that I am stain free because it's SO freaking pretty. Just super sheer. It's actually a really clean peach color ... my stains are what lend the yellowy look. I think this was 4 or 5 coats pictured. I love the glass fleck shimmer and how NON STREAKY it is for a sheer. That's nearly impossible to come by. I don't actually mind sheers and VNL as long as there are no streaks.

Overall, this is a big fat WIN for 50 cents! I also got Peach Daquiri's pink sister that day, I think it's either called Strawberry Daquiri or Margarita. I'll have to dig that one out to wear soon.

Zoya Loredana = FAIL for me, plus a giveaway!

Sooo ... I have had this since Christmas, and just got around to try it. I was super excited because I love gunmetal colors. I must have done something terribly wrong because, LOOK!!

The thumb nail was salvageable for a pic, but here's what the rest of my nails looked like when I pulled them out of my rubber gloves (what can I say, I had dishes to do!) after TWO HOURS of dry time. WHAT THE .... ?!?!? #&^%^@

I admit that I was in a hurry when I painted, and *may* have laid it on a bit thick to avoid application issues, but damn! It was a mess. I'll have to try this again when I have a ton of time because I really like the look of it.

Also, check out this sweet giveaway!

Concrete and Nailpolish is having their first follower giveaway, so head on over and enter! I LOVE that bag. Too cute. The rest of the prize is pretty nifty too!

Sally Hansen Hollywood Scarlet

Hollywood Scarlet is part of the old Sally Hansen Salon line. I picked it up on the cheap at Walgreens when they were clearancing everything out. I love it when a cheapy turns out so nice! Just look at these ...

Preeeetty, no? I would call this a rich wine shade. Yum. The formula on these is EXCELLENT. Nice and thin, yet not runny. Super easy to control. I believe I did 3 coats here, but it may have been only 2. I can't remember. I wore this nearly 2 weeks ago. My one complaint about it is that it chipped within a day. :( I hadn't done anything spectacular either ... just put some clothes on and went for a drive. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Claire's Claire's Claire's!!!

I have a couple NOTDs for you ... both from Claire's. First up, my first ever Skittle mani! I bought a cute little set of minis on clearance a week or so ago. It contained 7 little bottles of pastels and brights with monkeys on them. I thought they were no names until I noticed that each of them had different words with the monkey pictures.

Sweet: a bright pastel lemon creme
Superstar: a bright pastel lime creme
2 cute 4 words: bright pastel blue creme
Whatev: purple shimmer
Smile: dark red leaning pink shimmer
Not Monkeying Around: lightish orange creme
Play: bright pastel pink creme

I'm wearing from Thumb to Pinkie: Not Monkeying Around, 2 cute 4 words, Sweet, Whatev, and Superstar. Aren't they awesome?! They are all jellyish too, which makes them even more fun. All required 3 coats except for Sweet (yellow) which took 4.

I gave The Divine Miss M (that's my 6 year old daughter) a skittle mani with these colors. After seeing mine, I had no choice, lol! It wasn't a request, it was a demand!

The only thing different is that she's wearing Smile on her thumb. Neither of us chose Play, so that one isn't swatched. It's just your basic pink.

Here she is holding a couple of the bottles:

The next NOTD comes from my intrigue with the whole Chanel Jade craze. According to many other nail bloggers, Claire's Dreamcatcher is a near dupe, soooo ... for $4 I had to see what was up.

I don't have this one in natural light as the weather hasn't exactly cooperated. We've had just a little snow here in NJ over the last week ... you know, nothing real big, just about 2 feet! LOL! But anyway, the color shown is pretty accurate. It's maybe a little darker in real life. Here's a close up of the color:

I like the color, a minty/jade green with a subtle shimmer, but it's really nothing all that special in my opinion. Application on this one was trrrriiiiicckkkyyyy!!! Glumpy as all hell, thick and didn't spread on the nail very well (I wonder if a little thinner would help this??). I had to keep dipping the brush back into the polish several times per nail. It took me 3 coats to achieve some semblance of even coverage. It was a super slow drier as well. I let it dry (with a thick coat of SV) for over an hour before going to sleep, and I woke up with sheet marks. :( Anyway, based on pics I've seen of Chanel Jade, Dreamcatcher is VERY close. I wouldn't call it a dupe, as Dreamcatcher leans a bit more green while Jade is bluer, but it would satisfy a craving if you just haaad to have it.

Last but not least, here are a few pictures of our winter "wonderland" (which I would refer to as a nightmare, lol):

And a little kitty torture (don't worry, he was only out there for a minute or so) ...

Hope everyone has a good night!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great giveaways!

Two bloggers are currently giving away ADORABLE handmade necklaces from marymaryhandmade on Etsy. Check out her incredible work and then head over to Steals, Deals & Heels for your chance to win the cute little sloth necklace. Then stop by Jaebumfangirl to enter to win the equally adorable teacup friends necklace!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

VS How Sweet!, no name minty green and Avon Peach Passion

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's what mine looked like ...


I have a few NOTD's for you, as I've been painting, but not been able to spare enough time to put a posting together in a while.

First up, Avon Peach Passion!


Outdoors, overcast :(

I really love Peach Passion. My pics are really subdued compared to the real color. Every light source I could find just washed this color out. The natural light pic is the most color accurate, but IRL Peach Passion is much brighter and pinker. Shown here is 2 coats over Essie Fill the Gap with SV topcoat. The formula applied well, nice and thin, albeit a little runny. With 2 coats, there was some obvious (to me) VNL, but I liked it that way. A third coat would have made this one completely opaque. My problem with the Avon polishes I've used so far is that they chip terribly. This mani lasted 2 days before it began flaking at the corners of my nails. *cry*

Next is a no name minty green from a Simple Pleasures set I picked up at Ross recently (I swatched an amazing jelly blue from the same set a week or so ago).

I didn't waste too much effort photographing this one because it was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Streaky, glumpy, the brush kept wiping the nail bare on the second stroke ... UGH! AWFUL. In this low light indoor pic it looks almost lime-ish, but it was definitely more minty. Either way, it doesn't matter. It SUCKED. I removed it immediately.

Finally, here is How Sweet! from the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line.

Another disappointment. *grumble* Shown is 3 coats over Essie FTG with SV topcoat in sunlight. The formula was thick and streaky and impossible. The color is REALLY pretty, a little cooler and crisper (think bubble gum or pepto bismol) than in the picture. Too bad the formula is BAAAAAD. It also chipped super fast. That weird spot on the tip of my ring finger happened in my sleep, and it was totally dry when I went to bed. FAIL. Ugh. I'm hesitant to try the 4 other colors I got from this line now. :( Oh, and the fat round cap combined with the stumpy brush made it very hard to handle as well.

Aaand, that's all I have to say about that! Check back soon because you will LOOOVE my next NOTD!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The snow cometh ...

HAHA!!! They are calling for about TWO FEET of snow here, and this is after we already had about 18 inches the week before Christmas (plus the couple of times since that we've gotten 2-4 inches). I haven't seen this frequency or quantity of snow fall in New Jersey at ALL in the 11 years that I've lived here (well, except that one time when I was preggo with my 2nd--I think, might have been my 3rd--where we got about 2 feet, but that was only ONE instance). How exciting.

Anyway, I've been slacking on my task of keeping my home well stocked with items we use every day. You know ... bread and milk?? And WHAT does everyone do when a snow storm is coming?!? Run to the store for bread and milk!! HA! Awesome!! So, off Mr. Raz and I went, to the store of doooooooommmmmmm-uh! *queue doomie sounding music*

Mannnnnn ... what a MESS. They were out of the bread I like (at least I was able to find suitable HFCS free alternatives) and the deli counter line was 30 people deep! It took well over an hour to purchase: 1 pack of kaiser rolls, 4 loaves of bread (no, I'm not crazy, 1 whole grain for me, 2 white wheat for the kids and Mr. Raz, and since Mr. Raz was present, he had to have a loaf of pumpernickel rye that will prob end up going half eaten and get stale), 4 packages of assorted deli items, 1 can of cocoa mix, and 2 boxes of crackers. That was IT. AND!!! ANDDDDDD!!!! There was a guy 2 people ahead of me in the self check line that was trying to SCAN his bananas. SCAN!!! Honestly, in this day and age, if you don't know how to work the self check, go to a line with a human! And no, you don't have to have ever worked as a cashier to know how to use one of those things ... I never have. (/high falutin' rant)

We also ran to our obscenely named warehouse club (BJ's, teehee) ... store for milk, water, juice pouches (damn school v-day party, and they need everything by Monday, and I don't expect to be able to get to a store between now and Monday morning) and pizzas. It was busier than I'd ever seen it! Not unbearable though. We were in and out of there in about 20 min. Not that anyone cares, but I figured if I was going to say I needed milk at the beginning of the post and then have it look like I didn't actually get it ... yeah, soooo ....

Anywhooo ... grocery store = ridiculous mess. Oy.

And the most fun is that I have to work from 6 till 9 tonight. Ugh. DNW. AND, our brand new $1000 bed that is supposed to be delivered TOMORROW will have to be postponed to the end of next week. BOOO!!! My neck hurts so damn BAD! I NEEEED this beeedddddd!!! *grumble grumble*

I hate when I ramble like this because I never know when or how to end, soooo ...



Thursday, February 4, 2010

A couple of things ...

OK, for all 13 of my followers, only 7 of whom I don't actually know, lol:

1) I have place a Swagbucks referral banner to the right over here ---> is a completely free rewards site in which you do your web searching through their site (powered by google), and earn points that can be redeemed for prizes. I usually redeem for gift cards. If you sign up for swagbucks through my banner, I will receive extra points every time you do. While I am not ASKING anyone to sign up under me, I won't say no if you do, lol.

2) Since I have been posting nail polish reviews on a regular basis, I figured I may as well have one of those disclosure thingies. You can also find that to the right --->
I just want to make clear that I've never gotten any products for free, and I don't expect that to change any time soon, but, you know, just in case and all that ...

3) I've been itching to do a giveaway, and I've been itching to get more readers (there's nothing slow and steady about my game, lol!). I know I've only been a contender for a month now ... I'm thinking about a small giveaway once I get to 50 followers. Just a heads up!!

~ raz

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OMG, I could drop an assload of cash!!

I want one of everything from here:

100% Pure

Everything, EVERY. SINGLE. THING they sell looks AMAZING. It's all organic and made from fruit pigments and other cool natural stuff. Ugh, so expensive though. I'll have to save my pennies to try a few things ...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two HOT Giveaways!!

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