Friday, October 8, 2010

Dinner tonight was pretty good. Here's the recipe.

So, I had leftover cubed chicken (well, it wasn't leftover, I purposely cooked way too much yesterday to have enough for 2 additional meals, but anyway), and I have a huge stock of pasta right now (Barilla Picolini for only .38/box!), and we're soooooo sick of spaghetti sauce, so I thought of trying a creamy, cold pasta salad. It worked out.

1 box pasta of your choice, cooked al dente
1 bag frozen peas
cubed chicken breast, cooked
italian salad dressing, about 1/2c I guess
sour cream, about a cup I think (you could use mayo too, but I hate that nasty shit, so ...)

Mix the sour cream and italian dressing, add in the peas and chicken and pasta, stir, serve. Well, let the peas thaw ... then serve. Easy! The kids all ate it without complaint too.

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