Monday, October 11, 2010

Three from Color Club Rebel Debutante

These pics are particularly poor. *shrug* What can I say?

So, I haven't been disappointed with any of the polishes from this collection so far. I bought the 7pc set, which of course didn't have the green or blue colors. Oh well. I wanted the neutrals more than more bright crazy colors (I have SO many of those already) anyway. These wear exceptionally well, apply nicely, yada yada.

Best Dressed List

Grainy full sun pic. It shows the color nicely though. I really think this might be super close to Chanel Khaki Rose. I do not have it to compare though. This color is like Ovaltine. Or chocolate milk with 3 drops of strawberry syrup added. It worked really well with my skin tone.

Charity Ball

This is at night under CFLs in my poorly lit kitchen. Doesn't do it justice at all. What I like about Charity Ball is that it is a ruddy brown. Other pics I've seen show it as a murky dark red, but on me it pulls more brown, and it looks REAL good.

Who Are You Wearing?

Wow. This looks kind of gross, doesn't it? I took this pic after several days of wear, and I had been picking at that middle finger. Ooops. I couldn't get an even remotely accurate color representation on this one, so I started experimenting with different colored backgrounds. The orange did the trick (that's my pimped out Kitchen Aid. Awww yeah). Who Are You Wearing? pulled really lavender on me. I didn't love it on me, but I have no complaints about application or wear.

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