Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love when a new project is free! Paper flowers ...

I've been a crafting fool today. YAY!

So, I saw the most adorable little paper flower adornments at Bee In My Bonnet some time ago, and decided to give them a try tonight. I had everything on hand!! No running to the store and spending up more of our precious money on a whim, LOL!!! I'm so bad for that. Anyway, check out Bee In My Bonnet for the instructions to make these cuties.

I used different designs instead of all the same and only 4 tiers instead of 5. I just kind of mixed and matched my prints randomly. I also haven't decided if I will add leaves or not.

Close up of one of my favorite combos

A pile of pretty. Shame the colors get so washed out with my camera.

With flash ... gives a few of the colors a little better representation.

I have decided that one of these little cuties will adorn all of our xmas packages in lieu of the standard bow. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, I also intend to wrap with either a new, made by me pillow case or newsprint tied with ribbon. I hope it goes over well!

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