Sunday, November 7, 2010

That Girl ... That Quilt Along progress ...

So, week one was pick fabric.


Week 2 was cut the fabric.


And now we're on week 3, assembling the blocks. Here is my progress so far.

That is 80 strips sewn to 40 squares and 80 seams pressed. OY! I need a taller ironing board! Bending over it is killing my back, and I have 240 more strips to piece and press!!!

I'm a complainer, but in reality I am really enjoying myself. I'm new to sewing, and getting better and better with each cut and each seam, and more confident. I can't wait to see the finished result and ship it off to my friend's little boy!!

Oh, and here's the sewing machine I use, just for fun.


  1. So far so good! Love the colors of your fabric. Can't wait to see more progress. :)

  2. Thanks Claud! I hope my friend likes it too. I'm about to start working on it more here in a minute.

  3. I LOVE the elephants! You are making great progress.