Monday, July 5, 2010

The rest of the Blush minis, skittle style.

I REALLY ought to work on my cuticle care and overall hand care ... I'm increasingly embarrassed over the shape of my hands. Blah. :(

Anyway ... here are the other 5 colors in the jelly Blush set I posted about a few days ago. From thumb to pinky they are: Stayin' Alive, Can U Dig It?, Pychadelic [sic], Hustle, and Boogie.

Indoors, natural light

Outside, bright sun

OK, so, overall? I guess I got my money's worth ($3.99) ... Blah. The red is nice, the green is just ok, the rest pretty much suck. The formula on these was just as bad as the first one I swatched. Got super glumpy and thick right away, streaky, etc. The purple was the most disappointing polish of the bunch. Look how boring!! It was more sheer than the yellow and green too! I used 4 coats for the purple and 3 for the rest.

These are definitely going into Miss M's collection ... DNW for myself.

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