Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tough girl FAIL, bug WIN

Soooo, this morning when I arrived to work, I was greeted by a MASSIVE BUG. It was laying on it's back all dead looking by the cash register, so I grabbed a container and an excessive amount of paper towels to brush it into the container with. As soon as I touched it with the paper, it SPRANG to life and came right for me. I swear. Right for me.

So, maybe it was just running for it's life, but still. It was about the size of a quarter, like a hybrid beetle/roach thing. Big clicky exoskeleton and ... just ugh.

Anyway, I put on one hell of a display. Screamed ... all the mall walkers were looking at me. LOL!! Then I tried to just put the container down on top of it to trap it (that's my method when there's no one around to kill things for me), but it was in a corner, and the rounded edges of the container wouldn't get it. A customer came in to get their glasses, and I said "Picking up? OK, you're just going to have to wait a minute ... I'm having a stand off with a bug, and I'm not taking my eyes off it till it's taken care of ..." (because, you know, if you take your eyes off it for even a fraction of a second, it'll be all up in your pants leg or in your hair ... THAT display would be memorable and a half for any witness)

They looked at me like I was completely stupid and perhaps crazy, but the dude got it into the container (after examining it extensively *eyeroll* I don't care WHAT it is, strangerman, I just want it GONE, preferably DEAD!), and because it wouldn't be prudent to allow him into our lab to get to the back door, and he CLEARLY didn't intend to kill it for me, he handed off the container and I ran shrieking to the back door with it and flung it outside.

It was an event. I'm good at making an ass of myself.


  1. lol funny story! I hate big bugs.

  2. Bugs and I don't get along at all, LOL. Clearly.