Sunday, February 7, 2010

VS How Sweet!, no name minty green and Avon Peach Passion

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's what mine looked like ...


I have a few NOTD's for you, as I've been painting, but not been able to spare enough time to put a posting together in a while.

First up, Avon Peach Passion!


Outdoors, overcast :(

I really love Peach Passion. My pics are really subdued compared to the real color. Every light source I could find just washed this color out. The natural light pic is the most color accurate, but IRL Peach Passion is much brighter and pinker. Shown here is 2 coats over Essie Fill the Gap with SV topcoat. The formula applied well, nice and thin, albeit a little runny. With 2 coats, there was some obvious (to me) VNL, but I liked it that way. A third coat would have made this one completely opaque. My problem with the Avon polishes I've used so far is that they chip terribly. This mani lasted 2 days before it began flaking at the corners of my nails. *cry*

Next is a no name minty green from a Simple Pleasures set I picked up at Ross recently (I swatched an amazing jelly blue from the same set a week or so ago).

I didn't waste too much effort photographing this one because it was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Streaky, glumpy, the brush kept wiping the nail bare on the second stroke ... UGH! AWFUL. In this low light indoor pic it looks almost lime-ish, but it was definitely more minty. Either way, it doesn't matter. It SUCKED. I removed it immediately.

Finally, here is How Sweet! from the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line.

Another disappointment. *grumble* Shown is 3 coats over Essie FTG with SV topcoat in sunlight. The formula was thick and streaky and impossible. The color is REALLY pretty, a little cooler and crisper (think bubble gum or pepto bismol) than in the picture. Too bad the formula is BAAAAAD. It also chipped super fast. That weird spot on the tip of my ring finger happened in my sleep, and it was totally dry when I went to bed. FAIL. Ugh. I'm hesitant to try the 4 other colors I got from this line now. :( Oh, and the fat round cap combined with the stumpy brush made it very hard to handle as well.

Aaand, that's all I have to say about that! Check back soon because you will LOOOVE my next NOTD!!

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