Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random NOTD: OPI At Your Quebec and Call

I had this saved as a draft from forever ago. I have since given this away to a close friend and transplant in the US from Canada. :) I figured if I took the pics, I may as well show them off, right?

I never did care for this color. I snagged it as a 75% off deal a couple years ago, and tried to like it. I wore it probably 5 times and could never convince myself that I liked it. It's got a much better home now. Can't give it much of a review, this notd is from February if I recall correctly. I'm pretty sure I remember it being thin/pretty sheer and needing 3 coats.

All of these pictures were taken under a white bulb (The package said daylight bulb, but it's super white and bright! I dunno ... it gives pretty good pictures). Hope you like.

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