Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My new favorite polish brand! Plus a little haul ...

So I took a survey several weeks ago over at the Creative Nail Designs site with the promise that I would receive a sample of their new polish line Colour Effects (survey is now closed, this was prob over a month ago). So I took the survey, and then forgot ALL about it. Last night when I got home from work, a little package was waiting for me on the kitchen table. You know I ripped it open as fast as I could ...

Inside were 2 bottles of polish! WOOT! CND Indian Rhubarb and Copper Shimmer. You know I started removing the polish I had on right away ... LOL!

First pics, then my thoughts.

Indian Rhubarb

Full Sun

Indoors, Daylight

OK, so, Indian Rhubarb is a RICH medium red creme (all the CND Colours are cremes, if you want shimmer or glitter or pearl finish, that's when you turn to the Effects). Other bloggers are calling these polishes true one coaters, but I needed two for full opacity and no streaks. If there was a such thing as a 1.5 coater, that'd be this. The formula was a little on the thick side, but handled quite well. It did start to thicken on the brush toward the middle of the second coat, but it didn't cause me anything other than minor irritation. Indian Rhubarb was quick drying and had a great glossy finish, but as usual, I was up late and had to get to bed so I put a thick layer of Seche Vite on top, and went to bed 10 min later. Woke up to the perfect mani. No dents, no sheet marks ... just perfection. The proof is in the pictures. It looks great. I can't even believe my pics came out so nice! HOT!

Oh, the brush seemed huge, but was ok, and the bottle is GREAT to hold. There's a flat side and a curved side, and the curved side fit perfectly in the crook of my thumb and index finger, which is where I always hold the bottle while I'm working. Love.

Onto the Effects!

CND Indian Rhubarb Colour with Copper Shimmer Effect

Full Sun

Indoors, Daylight

Pretty cool, huh? Copper Shimmer does just what the name implies. It transformed a beautiful, rich red into a beautiful, rich, coppery, shimmery red. LOL. Enough adjectives for ya?? Copper Shimmer performed exactly as Indian Rhubarb did. Went on smooth, started to dry pretty fast
(but I was in a hurry again, so I added another layer of SV), etc, etc. The cool thing was that it evened itself out on the nail. I *thought* it would be a little streaky (in fact, I have seen some pictures in which the effects DO look streaky, but I think the difference is that I like to lay it on thick, while others prefer super thin coats) as I was applying this layer, but once I finished the following nail, the previous one had lost all signs of streakage. Coolness.

Man oh man, I want to go CRAZY buying up different colors and effects! My lemmings are definitely Green Scene, Anchor Blue, Asphalt, Guava and Girly Pink for cremes and all the shimmers and glitters from the effects line (I don't care for pearl finish). Alas, I am on a self imposed no buy as of TODAY (well, tomorrow because I got some stuff today, but it was cheap!) for at least 2 months. I have twice as many unswatched colors as I do swatched (22 OPIs, 9 Zoyas, 8 Goldies, half a dozen or so SHs, 7 Sunful, etc, etc ...), so ... yeah ... I can't wait to try Copper Shimmer over polishes I already own though! That should be fun.

If you want to get some of the CND polish line for yourself, the only (reputable) place I was able to find it online was at Trans Design, Inc. They are 4.50/ea for the colors and 5.50/ea for the effects. Careful though ... that site will SUCK YOU IN and make you want to spend hundreds, nay, THOUSANDS of dollars!!! Well, it makes ME want to anyway ...

Oh, and here's a little teaser pic of some recent haulage ...

That's a Color Club pack of neon minis I picked up at Five Below last week and in the background, a set of 7 mini polishes by Blush. I got them at Ross for 2.99 today, and fully expect them to suck, but the colors are KEY-OOOOT! The one that looks gold (2nd from left) is actually a really unique green! I can't wait.

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