Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Yummy + CND Copper Shimmer

I really like this color, but it is an example of why it's hard to rely on the *big* bloggers' swatches for color representation. I bought this based on a couple of swatches I saw on a particular blog, and the color I have looks NOTHING like theirs. The pictures I've seen elsewhere show an almost turquoise cream. In reality, it's a dusty medium to light blue cream. My pics are a little dark ... the weather was nasty for days and days and days while I wore this.

As far as formula and application are concerned, Zoya got Yummy RIGHT! It is highly pigmented and smooooth to apply. Pictured is 2 coats Yummy over 1 coat Essie FTG with a coat of SV on top. I wore this mani from Thursday to Sunday with nary a chip ... I had a little nick out of my thumbnail, and that was it. Tip wear was also minimal.

Here's a picture that I HAVE ALTERED to try to show the actual polish color better. I adjusted the brightness and contrast. This is pretty coloraccurate, but please keep in mind that it's altered.

So, Sunday night I didn't have time to redo my mani, but I wanted something different so I slapped on a layer of CND Copper Shimmer.

This didn't photograph well at all, it was really pretty though. It reminded me in a way of SH Opulent Cloud. Not that the color was similar at all, but it had the same sort of look. I bet adding a couple of drops of blue to a medium grey polish and then layering with Copper Shimmer would give a very close result!

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  1. I love dusty colors! This is going on my want list for sure.