Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snows Froze the Toes

So, my day started ordinarily enough ... me slapping my phone until the alarm went off every 10 minutes for an hour, then rolling out of bed and heading to the bathroom to shower and get ready for work. That's when it got interesting. I turned the shower knobs and nothing came out!! EEK!! WTF?!? Nothing came out of the sink faucet or the kitchen or the downstairs bathroom either.

It was then that I realized that we neglected to leave the water dripping throughout the house (it snowed yesterday, about 5 inches and temps were in the teens). Nooooo!!! Our pipes were frozen solid!!

Thus began the frenzy to alert my coworker and my boss that all was not well in the Casa de Raz. Boss ended up being in Pennsylvania helping a friend move, and of course coworker doesn't have a key to the store, so I had to scurry to find a place to shower and get to the mall to open my store. The only place to go is my sister-in-law's, and of course she was a church. Oy. What fun. I ended up getting in at 11:30 (supposed to be here by 11), and the mall is threatening to fine the store $500 for opening late. *eyeroll* I told them to suck it, I've never opened late EVER in the last 10 years!! Anyway ...

Mr. Raz got the water running, the point of freezation was in the garage (I have to LOL because firefox isn't underlining the word freezation ... tell me that's not a real word?!), and was remedied with a space heater and a blow dryer. Whew!

Sooo, here I am, stuck at work on a snow day, and my family is all having a blast sledding. Somehow, even though I am inside and wearing my snow boots (Raz has proclaimed this a casual day at this optical retail chain ... I dare you to contradict me), my toes are freezing cold. *cry*

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