Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOTD: Avon Nocturnal

I bought this before I saw a comparison between Nocturnal and OPI You Don't Know Jaques. Turns out they are dupes! Cool. Saved me a little cash because I had intended to get YDKJ one of these days.

Le sigh. I wanted to love this one, and I do ... kind of. I love it on other hands. On me though, yeah, lobster claw. Look how RED!!

Nocturnal went on nice and smooth. It was nearly opaque in 1 coat! Dried nice and fast with a coat of SV. I love cremes, and this one is just so nice to look at. I wish it looked good on me. I do have a complaint about the wear though. If you enlarge the 2nd pic, you can see tiny chips on my index and middle. The most strenuous thing I had done since my mani at that point was sleep, apply clothes and maybe some make up. So why the premature chippage?!? By the end of my work day, they looked like hell. I followed my normal routine of 1 coat Essie Fill The Gap, 2 coats Nocturnal and 1 coat Seche Vite, so I don't know.

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