Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOTD: Love My Nails Chrome Envy

I picked this up at Walmart several months ago ...

What to say about this polish?? Well, I think I got exactly what I paid for. The formula is iffy (kind of runny, but controllable). The brush held onto a lot more polish than it showed, so that gave me a little trouble, and the polish was wiping off when I took a second swipe at an area. I was able to smooth all that out on the 2nd coat though. It bubbled like crazy the moment I applied SV, that sucked, and it kept that denty quality where any bump will leave a mar hours, even days later. I removed it the next day.

The COLOR, on the other hand, is pretty neat. The outdoor shot is closer to the true color, which is somewhere between sage and mint green. It wasn't too brush strokey, so the chrome finish was very even. It had that "can't keep my eyes off of my nails" quality too, lol.

Overall, for the price, it's a decent polish. These retail for what? $1.28 I think?

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